The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Goals of the COLC

We are dedicated to providing timely and relevant information regarding the Receipts and Deliveries of Western Canadian crude oil and its pipeline capabilities. We also provide an open forum for the discussion of Supply, Disposition and Logistics.

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4/30/2020COLC Comparative Stats for March now available
4/1/2020All. Apologies once again but seems the Petrinex calendar that we draw dates from was actually incorrect and not the same as the APMC calendar which we also draw dates from. So the Oil and LPG receipt volumes for March production are in fact due April 3rd as noted in the APMC calendar. As well the dates in July and October for June and September volumes have also been changed back to what we had previously. Again our apologies on this.
4/1/2020A revised 2020 COLC forecast calendar has been published. Line Ref#35 for Oil and LPG receipt volumes was showing the wrong dates in April July and October. In April it was showing as April 3 but it should have been April 6. Apologies for any confusion.
3/31/2020February COLC Stats are now published. Note that there was a significant amendment to the Alberta rail number which has been adjusted on the Feb Receipts report.
3/11/2020We have discovered a calculation error on some of the COLC Stat reports. The error is now fixed and we have posted revised Delivery and Receipt reports for August 2019 through December 2019. The error was caught prior to the January 2020 reports and so they are accurate.
3/6/2020January 2020 statistical reports are now posted on the COLC website
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