The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Awareness and Training Working Group

The COLC was asked by the Wellhead to Dollars Forecasting Working Group to look into improvement opportunities around crude oil forecasting. A new team is being launched to focus on building awareness and training and is looking for participants.

As part of the work completed by the Wellhead to Dollars Forecasting Working Group – Assessment phase, the following issues were identified.

  • Lack of awareness of the overall forecasting process and stakeholders.
  • Lack of standardized forecasting practices, procedures and documentation.
  • Significant demographics and knowledge transfer issues with associated risk for companies.
  • Lack of effective training due to time and resource constraints.

The objective of the new Awareness & Training Working Group is to work collaboratively to promote awareness, stakeholder engagement and effective communication. The team will develop the programs and utilize the COLC's existing technology and infrastructure to support forecasting training.

The estimated time commitment is 4 hours per month. This includes 2 team meetings per month (starting in January) and some additional time between meetings, as required.

Team Member Qualifications:

  • We are looking for a team consisting of about 8 members with a well rounded representation of the following areas. No one team member has to fulfil all of these, but please let us know which apply to you.
    • COLC Executive
    • Feeder Pipeline
    • Producer
    • Cleaning Facility
    • Any level of experience is acceptable

By joining this team you will have an opportunity to make a change, share your experience and insight into the industry and further develop your network in the industry. This is also a chance to learn new tips and tricks from other companies around the forecasting process.

For more information, please email

COLC - Awareness and Training Working Group
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