The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Supply Forecasting & Notice of Shipment (NOS) Verification Procedures - Section 1

1.0 Executive Summary

The original Crude Oil Logistics Committee (COLC) Procedures (the "Procedures"), were developed in early 1996 to provide an industry-wide standard process for monthly supply forecasting and initial nomination of clean marketable crude oil and condensate. Forecast and nominated volumes are to represent only those volumes available for consignment or delivery.

To ensure supply forecasting, nomination, verification and other associated processes address current crude and condensate logistical needs, the COLC Procedures, as accepted by the COLC General Membership, may be revised from time to time, as required.

The COLC Procedures do not supersede tariff agreements between Facilities and their customers, however, there is an expectation that Industry stakeholders will adhere to these Procedures.

While the COLC, a forum of Industry stakeholders who contributed to the development of these Procedures, does not have the authority to enforce the COLC Procedures or control compliance, these COLC Procedures provide a basis on which enforcement may be introduced by a governing body.

The procedures contained herein intend to ensure forecast and nominated volumes represent only those volumes available for delivery; as such they:

  • clarify stakeholder responsibilities
  • require verification of production forecasts (reasonableness)
  • require confirmation of upstream and downstream transfers between facilities (no volume gaps/overlaps between systems)
  • require balanced Notices of Shipment (no volume gaps/overlaps)
  • require industry oversight through statistical reporting to COLC (indicator of participation/compliance, performance/results, change, etc.)

Any questions or concerns pertaining to these COLC Procedures or the method in which they are to be applied, shall be directed to the COLC Administrative Office at Contact information is available on the COLC website at

The following diagram is a high-level example of the supply chain from Feeder Pipeline to Storage Terminal to Trunkline. It does not cover all possible scenarios (there may be many pipelines/facilities in the supply chain) but the overarching methodology is the same.

Supply & Disposition Reconciliation - Facilities


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