The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Supply Forecasting & Notice of Shipment (NOS) Verification Procedures - Section 9

9.0 Restrictions to Initial NOS Supply Volumes

9.1 Gathering Pipeline, Feeder Pipeline, or Storage Terminal Apportionment

Prior to verification of NOS deliveries to downstream Trunkline/s, upstream connected facilities may, due to Capacity or other limitations, be required to apportion NOS volumes.

Depending upon the circumstance and Facility, this could happen at the Form C stage (if all the supply information is available) or at the Notice of Shipment stage. Apportionment will be applied as prescribed within individual Pipeline/Terminal 's contracts and/or rules and regulations.

Where NOS volumes are required to be reduced, the Pipeline/Terminal Operator shall advise the affected Producers, Facility Operators, and Shippers of volumes to be reduced and Shippers will be required to submit revised NOSs. These changes must be made before delivery verification to downstream facilities and Trunklines can be completed.


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