The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Supply Forecasting & Notice of Shipment (NOS) Verification Procedures - Section 8

8.0 Notice of Shipment (NOS)

8.1 Initial NOS

Shippers shall provide each Facility through which it ships, an Initial Notice of Shipment.

The format for a NOS may vary from system to system as prescribed by individual system's procedures or Rules and Regulations, but each Shipper's NOS should include:

  1. Opening Inventory
    Must equal closing inventory from previous month NOS
  2. Receipts and Facility Transfers In (Supply Forecasts)
    Adjusted Forecast of Supply from Form C, or Form B, or equivalent
  3. Shipper Transfers From
    Corresponding transfers between shippers must balance. Failing a balance between corresponding transfers, the facility operator will attempt to resolve the imbalance with the shippers. If unable to resolve the imbalance, the facility operator will set the transfer to the lower of the two parties stated volumes and notify the affected shippers. The adjusted information will be used to verify volumes to the downstream facility operator.
  4. Shipper Transfers To
    (Same comment as Shipper Transfers From)
  5. Facility Transfers Out/Deliveries
  6. Closing Inventory

Shippers shall designate one or more swing dispositions. Any change in shippers total available supply shall be reflected in the shipper's disposition to the designated swing disposition(s). If the shipper has not designated a swing disposition, the facility or pipeline shall prorate any change in total supply over all the indicated disposition points.

Each Shipper's NOS is balanced when total available supply (a+b+c) equals total Dispositions (d+e+f) and when all available supply (inventory and new supply) has a confirmed Delivery Point (to inventory, a downstream Delivery Point, other).

An example Notice of Shipment Form can be found in the Appendix (12.5).

8.2 NOS Revisions

Post-Apportionment NOS Revisions

A balanced post apportionment revised NOS reflecting apportioned volumes must be provided to pipelines and terminals by the deadline on the COLC Reporting Calendar or that prescribed by each respective pipeline/terminal, as the case may be.

In-Month NOS Revisions

NOS Revisions, regardless of the reason for revising, and are still subject to the same requirements, checks and verifications as exist in the original Notice of Shipment process.

Timing: Activities in this section shall be completed in accordance with the dates/times shown in the COLC Reporting Calendar.


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