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Supply Forecasting & Notice of Shipment (NOS) Verification Procedures - Section 7

7.0 Shipper Supply Forecast

7.1 Form C

After all Form A's have been received (per the COLC Reporting Calendar) and processed by the Operator of the receiving Facility, a Form C is prepared by the receiving Facility Operator and provided to each respective Shipper. The Form C lists the verified volumes available by Facility for the Shipper for the forecast month. This information is to be used by Shipper on their Notice of Shipment ("Receipts") and is called the Adjusted Forecast of Supply.

The Form C to the Shipper/s, may include an apportionment factor if determined to be applicable and appropriate by the Operator of the receiving Facility. However, if apportionment is required, each receiving facilities' apportionment factor will be calculated and applied according to each individual system's rules and regulations.

Where the Form A volume is not being accepted to the Form A forecast level (for Capacity constraint/apportionment/other reasons), the Receiving Facility Operator will inform the Form A Operator of required reductions to their Form A forecast (see 7.2 Producer Feedback Report).

The Form C should display for each Form A Facility:

  1. The Original Verified Forecast
  2. The Apportionment Factor (set to 1.0 if Facility apportionment not applicable at Form C stage)
  3. Adjusted Forecast (= Apportionment Factor x Verified Forecast)
  4. The result of the above three
  5. The source (basis) of the supply data (which should be indicated beside each Battery):
    • "A" based on Form A forecast volume
    • "H" based on historical formula calculation
    • "U" based on verification by upstream Gathering Pipeline or other Facility

7.2 Producer Feedback Report (or Equivalent)

The Pipeline, Terminal, or Cleaning Plant will advise Facility Operators who provided a Form A if the Form A forecast of supply cannot be accepted at the level submitted on the Form A.

This communication to the Facility Operator providing the Form A is essential if the supply is being restricted or adjusted for any reason (apportionment or otherwise) by the receiving Facility Operator.

Adjusted Form A information should be sent to the Form A supply facility at the same time the Form C is issued to Shippers as well as any time the Form A information has not been accepted as provided (for example, if apportionment on a Pipeline, Terminal or other facility is required after receipt and assessment of Original Notice of Shipment information).

Each Facility Operator chooses its own format for communicating this information to the supply point Facility Operator.

Timing: Activities in this section shall be completed in accordance with the dates/times shown in the COLC Reporting Calendar.


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