The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Supply Forecasting & Notice of Shipment (NOS) Verification Procedures - Section 6

6.0 Determining Historical Capability

Capability, as used here, is a volume determination based on a Facility's proven performance (history) as opposed to a Facility's theoretical Capacity to supply or deliver.

6.1 Battery, Cleaning Plant/Custom Treater and Truck Terminal Capability Calculation

Capability for each of these connected or non-pipeline connected Facilities shall be determined by the receiving downstream Facility using the last three full months of known receipts into the pipeline.

The three months to be used shall be the three months ending two full months before the beginning of the month being forecasted (e.g. for March forecast, the three months of actuals to be used shall be October, November and December). Using these last three full months of known pipeline receipts, the downstream Facility Operator shall determine, the sum of:

  • the highest month's average in m3/d, and
  • the average m3/d of all the three months.

This sum is then divided by two to determine the Capability for the next forecasting month.


Last three months of known receipts from a Pipeline-Connected Battery, Truck Terminal or Cleaning Plant:

  • Month 1 - 1,000 m3/d }
  • Month 2 - 1,200 m3/d } -
 - - - -  Average 1,066.7 m3/d
  • Month 3 - 1,000 m3/d }
  • Three month Average - -
 - - - -  1,066.7 m3/d
  • Highest Month's Volume
 - - - -  1,200.0 m3/d
  • Total - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 - - - -  2,266.7 m3/d /2 = 1,133.4 m3/d

1,133.4 m3/d is the highest Capability to which the pipeline or non- Pipeline-Connected Battery, Truck Terminal or Cleaning Plant shall forecast without being required to provide detailed information to the downstream Facility in support of a Capability increase. Increases to capabilities in these cases shall be decided upon by the downstream Facility Operator.

It is the responsibility of the downstream Facility Operator to monitor closely the performance of receipts from the upstream facilities as their own Capability is partly based on the performance of the facilities from which they receive.

Where Form A's indicate Capability increases, the downstream connected Facility Operator will review requests for increases on a best-efforts basis and determine if the request should be accepted.


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