The Crude Oil Logistics Committee Established in 1993

Forecasting Procedures - Section 1


This document details the procedures for monthly pipeline supply forecasting and the monthly initial nomination process for clean marketable quality crude oil and clean marketable quality segregated condensate. Forecast and nominated volumes represent only those volumes available for delivery from one facility or pipeline to another. While it is recognized that some fine tuning may be required as time progresses, these procedures shall be implemented with the March, 1996 production month as forecasted in February, 1996.

Not all detailed procedures apply to all feeder pipelines. Instead, feeder pipelines are divided into three broad groupings: those operating as single direction, multi-shipper pipelines; those operating as single direction, single shipper pipelines; and, those operating as bi-directional pipelines. Procedures for the first two groupings differ in detail but follow parallel intent such that levels of verification arrived at through differing procedures are equivalent in result. As the third grouping is made up of pipelines that also fall into one or other of the first two groupings, the unique procedures quoted for this grouping are limited to those areas made unique by its bi-directional nature only.

Any questions or concerns pertaining to these procedures or the method in which they are to be applied, shall be directed to the Crude Oil Logistics Committee Administrative Office at

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